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Every time i work out, i get another zit. And then theres this. He grabbed a handful of his hair. He shook his head, his words tumbling out faster now. Im the biggest nerd on the team, coach, and I cant bulk up to save my life. My dad jokes that if I turn sideways I disappear. No matter how many times I think it through, the facts are the same. Macy withers will never say yes, even if i ask her first. Even if I dye my hair or my face clears up or—. Cody patted the bench beside him. He was breathing hard from the rant. After a few seconds the fight left baylor. His shoulders hair slumped and he did as Cody asked.

karen kingsbury bailey flanigan

Love story (Baxter Family series #1) by karen Kingsbury

You think you arent the only one who wants to ask her. He laughed, but his voice cracked in a way that sounded pinched and anxious. This was really stressing the boy out. I dont know, six guys on the football team wanna ask her. Okay, so you be first. The conversation was pushing Andi back to the bottom of his heart. Where cody liked to keep her. Youre a good guy, baylor. The kid paced ten yards out onto the field and spun around. Have you seen my face?

karen kingsbury bailey flanigan

your mind? Baylor winced, as if the word had stung his lips on the way out. People are starting to ask. He stood and raised his hands, then he exhaled hard and let his arms fall back to his sides. I wanna ask macy withers. You know Macy withers, coach?

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Karen Kingsbury - love story

Ironic, since she hadnt done anything about the very personal disaster between the two of them. Something moved near the fieldhouse. Cody lowered his cap and squinted. Aaron baylor, junior wide receiver, was walking toward him. Cody watched the boy. Skinniest kid on the team. Baylor was still wearing his school uniform, khaki pants and a hals white button-down shirt. His hands were sunk deep in his pockets, his shoulders stooped. The player looked the way cody felt. A minute later he reached Cody and took the seat beside him. Cody leaned cellulite over his knees and looked at the kid.

karen kingsbury bailey flanigan

Another state, another school. Or maybe he was only missing Andi. He never imagined living in southern California without her. But two broken engagements were too much. For both of them. Somehow like every other relationship Cody had been a part of, his love story with Andi had fallen apart. And some days his broken heart felt like it would never mend. She had moved away after the last breakup. These days she worked for a christian aid organization that helped people in the midst of national tragedies. Andi was on the disaster relief team.

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He grabbed it, sat down and studied the list of names. Blake miller, hawk austin, sam Knell, john vaught. The seniors had lizz come a long way playing for him, no doubt. Ten of the players met every monday night for Bible study with Cody, a time where the focus was on faith in God and friendship off the field. That had been his prayer from the beginning. Okay, so maybe he had made a difference. Even still, most of the students wanted for nothing. If he moved on, someone else would fill his shoes. A coach or a parent. Oaks Christian had dozens of mentors. Cody peered across the field. Yes, he definitely needed a change of pace. karen kingsbury bailey flanigan

The thing that set them apart was purpose. The lyle high football team reviews had needed him. Before he showed up no one wanted to work with those kids. And Cody had seen a little of himself in the lyle players. A potential that took some work to find. Whatever the reason, cody felt like he was walking in the center of Gods will at Lyle high. Here, though, he was starting to have a sense that the oaks Christian football team didnt really need him. They were a powerhouse in the santa Clarita valley before he took the job, and they would remain a powerhouse long after he left. Which might be soon. He finished placing the cones, returned to the bench and opened the gear face bag. His clipboard was at the bottom of the bag of footballs.

Karen Kingsbury book list

Cody straightened and drew a slow breath. He couldnt think about her here. Four cones along the cream twenty-yard line, four more at the thirty. Cody made his way up the field. His assistant coaches would be here in an hour. The players, an hour after that. Spring training lasted just five weeks—right up till the end of the school year. He had to take every minute seriously. Otherwise the team would pay come fall. After spring training, theyd take a month off and in July theyd start summer two-a-days. Just like last year and the year before. The difference between Lyle and oaks Christian was something Cody had figured out this past weekend.

karen kingsbury bailey flanigan

He grabbed a stack of orange cones and walked toward the twenty-yard line. His football coaching days had been extraordinarily successful. God had blessed his professional endeavors at every turn. His time at Lyle high School, an hour outside of Indianapolis, had seen him take a losing team and turn it into a winning program. Sports Illustrated had even covered the story and for a short time everyone knew Cody coleman. They called him Americas favorite high school football coach. But then he felt God calling him away from Lyle. He took the job here at oaks Christian for a lot of reasons. But the one that was most compelling was a blue-eyed girl with long blond hair and a laugh that stayed with him still. He pictured her, months ago, standing in front of him saying goodbye. He could hear her voice and feel the way he had been lost in her eyes.

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Love story 1, cody coleman took the papendrecht football field alone, the way he did most things these days. The southern California sunshine landed on his shoulders and worked its way through the winter in his heart. It was gezicht the first day of spring training for his oaks Christian High School team and Cody was ready. Ready for something new. Even if it was only another season on the gridiron. He adjusted his baseball cap, slung the bag of footballs over his shoulder, and walked to the coaches bench. Along the way he lifted his face to the sun. Whats next for me, god? Is this really where you want me? Sometimes when he talked to god, he heard an answer. Words would appear on the screen of his soul and he would know deeply, intimately, that he had received an actual response from God. Cody sighed and dropped the bag to the ground.

Karen kingsbury bailey flanigan
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Karen Kingsbury (born June 8, 1963) is an American Christian novelist born in fairfax, virginia. She was a sports writer for the los Angeles Times and later wrote for. Find out details about every. Karen Kingsbury book, including a complete list of all of her books in chronological order.

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Whether youre meeting the baxter family for the first time or finding them all over again, love story will stir your heart and remind you of the power of love and family. Click the book cover to read reviews of love story on Amazon.

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Bailey has news of her own, but is it right for she and her husband, Brandon, to attend Codys wedding? As school ends, cole presents his report on the love story between his grandparents John and Elizabeth Baxter. It is a tale that touches the hearts of the entire family, and one that causes Cole to better understand his own beginning.

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But few of them know the exact details of that love story or the heartbreak that brought the two together. Now in high school, Ashley baxter Blakes oldest son, cole, must write a family history paper for a freshman English class. He decides to interview his grandfather about that long ago distant love story. At the same time, baxter family friend Cody coleman has asked his girlfriend Andi Ellison to marry him. The planning and upcoming wedding touches the heart of bailey flanigan, who once was Codys best friend.

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Karen Kingsburys love story is the 26th book to be released in the bestselling. The release date of love story was June 6, 2017. Decades ago, john and Elizabeth Baxter lived a love story that is still playing out in the lives of their adult children and grandchildren.

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